A Message From the Committee

Our mission is to bring the project and artwork of Robert Shetterly to Ipswich for a month of enrichment and events that will inspire civil engagement within our community. This project is meant to embrace our community as a whole, give us opportunities for productive conversation about our differences, and move us forward in appreciation and acceptance for each other as individuals. We want to celebrate the vibrant, respectful, problem solving community that we can be.


This event is non-partisan. The portraits that will be exhibited reflect our intention for the entire community to examine the subjects as the truth-tellers that they are. Some are controversial. Some are children full of hope, and many are people who are not known but who simply pointed out a wrong. The community selected them through individual sponsorship; so we are proud that the exhibit resounds a greater voice than that of the committee alone.


We hope that in viewing the exhibit and attending the many cultural offerings that have used it as a creative foundation, that the viewer considers the intent of the project. Americans Who Tell the Truth - Models of Courageous Citizenship. It takes courage to sit at the table with those who think differently and defend your ideals and explain your position. It takes courage to engage a room full of people who you know may disagree with you on fundamental issues. And it takes courage to put partisan ideals aside and genuinely listen to each other with respect and understanding. This courage is what we strive to model in order to build a healthy community. We hope that you will join us. It will be an inspiring event for sure.

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