Schedule of Events

Date: 7/2*
Sounding the Stone: Finding Your Poem

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Time: 6-7:30 pm – True North Taproom
Presenter: Elizabeth Gordon McKim

Elizabeth Gordon McKim invites you to attend her poetry workshop, Sounding the Stone: Finding Your Poem. The workshop is suitable for folks who write poetry and for those who have not tried, until now! Elizabeth is a poet, spoken word performance artist, editor, and teacher of poetry for people of all ages. She is a Lesley University professor and travels the world teaching poetry. She is the author of eight collections of poetry. Her poems and essays have appeared in many magazines, reviews and journals including Ploughshares, Poetry and Drum Voices. Her book of poetry The Red Thread was published by Leapfrog Press, edited by Marge Piercy and published by Ira Wood. In collaboration with the Americans Who Tell the Truth portrait project, Elizabeth will lead her poetry workshop at True North Taproom in Ipswich, where the Langston Hughes portrait will be on display. In addition, the Ipswich ReCREATION department will host an interactive poetry experience on a trailer with magnetic boards equipped with words and emojis. 



Dates: 7/3-7/31

Ipswich Celebrates Ipswich Truth-tellers
at the Ipswich Town Hall

Hours: Mon. 8-7 pm, Tues.-Thurs. 8-4pm, Fri. 8-12pm.

Ipswich celebrates Citizens Who Tell the Truth at the Town Hall Gallery, featuring local artist-interpreted portraits of citizens of Ipswich who have Told The Truth. Exhibit open Monday-Friday, July 3-31.


Date: 7/3
Grand Opening
Time: 5-7pm – Ipswich Town Hall
Presenter: Master of Ceremony State Rep. Brad Hill

Date: 7/7*
4 Portraits Live Through Dance & Music (2 Shows)

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Times: 5:00 & 6:30 pm – Ipswich Museum
Presenters: Ipswich Moving Co. & Labor in Vain

Janet Taisey Craft along with dancers Jessie Boudreau, Jenny Carlson, Danielle DiVito, and Tabitha Rodger of the Ipswich Moving Company, have created dances based on four portraits from Robert Shetterly’s collection, “Americans Who Tell The Truth”. The dances will be performed to the music of Labor in Vain and include three original compositions by Chris Florio. This concert is based upon the lives and work of four Americans: Frances Crowe, Frances Perkins, Woody Guthrie, and Nicole and Jonas Maines. To reserve a seat, contact the Ipswich Museum at, (978) 356-2811. Suggested donation/$20.
For more information, contact Janet Taisey Craft at, (978) 356-5565.

Date: 7/9
Songs of Resistance
Time: 7-7:30 pm – Downtown Riverwalk
Presenter: Rise Up Community Singers

Enjoy the choral music of this community group as they share their renditions of songs of resistance.



Date: 7/9
Downtown Tuesdays: Americans Who Tell the Truth
(through the language of jazz)
Time: 7:30-9:30 pm – Downtown Riverwalk
Presenters: Chris Florio and Tom Palance

Jazz from artists who told the truth through their music and words.

Date: 7/10
Telling the Truth: James Bell and Phillip Berrigan,

Two Americans Who Looked at War and Prison from the Inside
Time: 7-9 pm – The Meetinghouse Green
Presenters: Brad Clark, John Schuchardt, & Rebecca Pugh with special guest, Robert Shetterly

A talk about violence and non-violence accompanied by portraits of Berrigan and Bell.

ROBERT SHETTERLY: Artist in Residence 7/11-7/13

Date: 7/11
TTS Camp (registered campers only)
Time: 9-11am – Ascension Church
Presenter: Robert Shetterly

Children’s art class examining truth-telling through art.

Date: 7/11
Brown Bag Lunch/Gallery Talk
Time: 12-1:30 pm – Ipswich Museum
Presenter: Robert Shetterly

The artist will talk about the lives and legacies of the Americans who are represented in the portraits at the Ipswich Museum exhibit.

Date: 7/11*
Dow Arts Sponsored Family Art Class

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Time: 2-4 pm – Ipswich Museum
Presenter: Robert Shetterly

Multi-generational family art class.

Date: 7/11*
Americans Who Tell the Truth: Who Are They? Where Did They Come From? Where Are We Going?

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Time: 7-9 pm – Ipswich Library, Rogers Room
Presenter: Robert Shetterly

The original story of the Americans Who Tell the Truth portrait series and how its mission has transformed over time. The artist will talk about what he thinks it means now, and how he chooses the portrait subjects. He will also address art and activism, and tell stories of several of the portrait subjects. Plenty of time for Q & A.


Date: 7/12
ZUMI’S Meet and Greet
Time: 9-9:45 am – ZUMI’S
Presenter: Robert Shetterly

Come share a cup of coffee with the artist.

Date: 7/12*
Profiles and Portraiture Art Class

*Please call 978-356-6650 to register.
Time: 10-12 pm – Ipswich Council on Aging
Presenter: Robert Shetterly

This class is open to anyone interested in taking a class with the artist.

Date: 7/12
Examining the Truth; Workshop
Time: 2-4 pm – Town Hall Gym
Presenter: Robert Shetterly

The artist will lead a discussion exploring some of the most potent, challenging quotes in the series. This will create an opportunity to work together in small groups ending with a large group discussion.

Date: 7/12
Community Opening Reception
5-7pm – Ipswich Town Hall
Presenter: AWTT Organizing Committee

Please join the organizing committee as we welcome artist Robert Shetterly to our town and hear about his portrait project, Americans Who Tell the Truth: Models of Courageous Citizenship. Prepare to be inspired!



Date: 7/13
ZUMI’S Meet and Greet
8:30-10 am – ZUMI’S
Presenter: Robert Shetterly

Come share a cup of coffee with the artist.

Date: 7/13*
Truth-tellers Speak! Youth Art Class (ages 10-18) Time: 10:30-12-30 pm – Hall-Haskell House Green

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Presenter: Robert Shetterly

This class is geared for youth and will examine truth-telling through art.

Date: 7/13
Meet the Artist
Time: 1-2:30 pm – Heart and Soul Cafe
Presenter: Robert Shetterly

Meet and talk with the artist.

Date: 7/13
Meet and Greet
Time: 3-4:30 pm – True North Taproom
Presenter: Robert Shetterly

Come share a brew with the artist as he talks about the collection at True North Taproom.

Dates: 7/13 & 7/14
Speak Up: Truthful Voices
Time: 7:30 pm – Downtown Riverwalk
Presenter: Alumnae Theater

Experience the voices of truthful Americans throughout history in the Alumnae Theater’s interactive portrait gallery.



Date: 7/17*
Tea and Civility

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Time: 7-8:30 pm – The Crane Estate
Presenter: Trina Schell

Do you miss civil discourse? Join us for a cup of tea and an evening of quality conversation. This intimate gathering is limited to 10 conversationalists and is part of Americans Who Tell the Truth, an Ipswich community engagement project held July 1-29. Our discussion topic will be sent to you prior to the gathering.

Admission includes tea and sweets.
$15/$9 Register at

Date: 7/18
Event TBD (Please check our website for updates) Time: 7-9pm – The Ipswich Library



Date: 7/21
Stand Up and Sing!
Pete Seeger’s Songs for Young People
Time: 10-11:30 am – Hall-Haskell House Green
Presenter: Orville Giddings

A family concert inspired by Pete Seeger’s music for young people. 

Dates: 7/22-7/28
Community Creates: Local Artistic Reflections on Americans Who Tell the Truth
Time: 10-5 pm – Hall-Haskel House
A Community Engagement Project

Come and view the art that has been produced through our month-long community engagement project, Americans Who Tell the Truth.

Facing History: America’s History of Wildlife
Management 1630-2020
Time: 7-8 pm – Hall-Haskel House
Presenter: Zee Soffron



Date: 7/22
Sing! Sing! Sing! Songs inspired by Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie
Time: 5-7pm – Appleton Farm, Carriage Barn
Presenter: Labor-in-Vain

A picnic family concert inspired by the music of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie.

Date: 7/25
Courageous Creativity: Artists as Activists
Time: 7-9 pm – Hall-Haskell House
Presenter: Cynthia August

Join us for an interactive conversation with internationally known street artist, TEDx Talker, and activist, Cedric (Vise1) Douglas. Bring an open mind and ideas for creativity and collaboration.

Date: 7/26
Poets Who Tell the Truth
Time: 7-9 pm – Hall-Haskell House
Presenter: Blaine Hebbel

An evening of truth-telling through the voice of local poets.

Date: 7/27
Community Closing Reception
Time: 5-7pm – Hall-Haskell House

Come join us as we reflect on the art, discourse, and artistic endeavors that help us engage in our democracy.


Date: 7/28 

What is “News” in Today’s World? 

Time: 7-9 pm – Boone Hall, Ascension Memorial Church 

Presenter: Helen Weatherall 

If news happens and people scroll past it, or only read the headline - is it news? Does it matter?

As change continues to rock journalism and other media the repercussions impact our towns and our lives. Join us for a roundtable discussion with journalists William Wasserman, John Muldoon, Dan MacAlpine, Steward Lytle, and Doug Brendel to explore the state of communication today.

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