w h o  t e l l  t h e


Models of Courageous Citizenship

A month long

community engagement project 

in Ipswich, Massachusetts


July 1 – 29, 2019

Thank you!!
The Americans Who Tell the Truth organizing committee would like to thank the Ipswich community for their support and participation in the events based on the portraits of artist Robert Shetterly. Our goal was to foster community engagement and civil discourse based on courageous citizens who exhibited moral courage. The month of July saw the exhibit and associated activities throughout our town. We thank the Ipswich community and our sponsors for their support and look forward to continued work with the Americans Who Tell the Truth project in the future.
Until next time, The AWTT Organizing Committee

"When people work together things change for the better"

Florence Reed, Environmental Activist

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Robert Shetterly's 
Who Tell The Truth
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Samantha Smith